About this blog & FAQ

Why do you write this blog?

Well, I’ve being doing this for a while now. Here are the main reasons I maintain it:

1) I work in the arts

2) I’m quite opinionated

3) It’s good practice for my own writing (and hopefully people like it and start offering me paid work to write for them)

4) My dad likes reading my stuff so he can gleefully point out any spelling/grammatical errors

Do you do reviews?

Nope. The politics of reviewing shows whilst also working in the industry make me think it’s not worth it; if you post a ‘review’ someone takes (misguided) offence to, then you’re potentially putting professional relationships at risk – and I can’t be bothered with the hassle. Besides, I generally find positives in most things I see – even if the script is utterly woeful, then I might at least like the lighting design or something.

What’s your ‘day job’?

I’m a freelance producer/project manager/facilitator. I mostly work in theatre, but also have experience of live arts and outdoor performance – and I’ve managed a number of events and projects for various companies. Info about my work (and the companies I work with) can be found on my website: www.dan-baker.com

Like anyone, I need to feed myself; if you’ve got a job I might be suitable for, and you’re offering to pay me, then give me a shout. I’d appreciate it, and so would my bank manager.

Where can I keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the arts?

Check out the Blog Roll at the side of the main page, where there are links to various blogs featuring good writing by intelligent, insightful people. Beyond that, get yourself on Twitter and follow some people who share your interests – you’ll find a combination of useful information, debate and jokes if you follow the right people.

And, of course, this includes me: @dan_baker83

Do you write for anyone else?

I’ve written stuff for Arts Professional and IdeasTap in the past, but for now I don’t regularly contribute for anyone else. But I’d be keen to. If you want me to contribute to your blog/website/publication/award-winning-newspaper then get in touch and we can chat.

How annoying are PRs who add you to mailing lists and keep sending you press releases which do not have any relevance whatsoever to what you write about and instead are all about Latvian folk rock bands who they want you to write about?

Very. I’m probably only going to write about what I want to write about, so sending me press releases will mostly be a waste of time.

And seriously, do a bit of research before sending press releases out. When you send me stuff which bears no relevance to what I write about, I just think you’re lazy and shit at your job.

BURNTarts looks like ‘Burn Tarts’, doesn’t it?

Yeah. You’re not the first person to say that.

So why did you call the blog BURNTarts?

After I finished uni, I was going to set up a theatre company with some friends and we came up with this name. It was a bit of an in-joke related to someone we really didn’t like, who was both utterly incompetent and lacking in self-awareness.

I’m not going to tell you who that was, though.

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