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Having recently attended Improbable’s Devoted and Disgruntled satellite session regarding theatre criticism (hosted by The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner and A Younger Theatre’s Jake Orr) I was keen to read more theatre blogs – with the question being raised in the build-up to the event about the difference between reviewing and criticism, I thought it would be interesting to try and discover a wider range of blogs to see for myself what people are writing about.

I already feature a blog-roll (in the right-hand column of this page) which features a list of people who I already read, but I was keen to open myself up to reading people I would not necessarily have discovered myself – with so many voices online covering various topics and incorporating various styles, it’s difficult to know where to begin.  It’s impossible to have a comprehensive list of blogs, but the benefit of social media is that allows you access to huge numbers of people in ways which can benefit you at times you are looking for advice and information.

So, I put a call-out at on Twitter – asking people to post links to their blogs appended with the hashtag #theatreblog.  Below are the responses I’ve had, with Twitter handles below of who suggested them (not necessarily those who run them!) – dive in and read some of them:





























I’m perfectly happy to update this list periodically, if people wish to continue adding their suggestions.  Additionally, at some point (time permitting) I may also try to include some kind of summary of the blogs – or people could even write their own, in a 140-character Twitter style.  If you want to ask me anything about this, or want to contribute, then find me on Twitter at @dan_baker83 or leave a comment below.


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